Store Usage Spreadsheet

Below you will find a link to a spreadsheet that you will use to track your store's use of the CoreyTec™ College courses. We need this information in order to upgrade your store's access to higher-level modules on the website. It's a simple form: we just need the login date, employee's name, their time for both logging in and logging out, what module number they were working on, and if applicable for that sessions, the score they received on the quiz.

Once all employees have completed all of the modules and quizzes for a given course, simply submit the form to and we will verify the results. After successful verification, your account will be given access to the next course in CoreyTec™ College.

Note: In order for your store to advance to the next available course, we require that all quiz scores from individual employees are above 60%. If an employee scores below that, we recommend that they re-read the corresponding module before attempting the quiz a second time. 

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Thank You!