Dog’s Name: I have two “Grand-Dogs” - Lux and Nova.

Dog’s Breed: Border Collies

What do you feed your dogs?: Inukshuk

Favourite Food: Fajitas

Favourite Hobby: Beekeeping, Acoustic Guitar

Favourite Movie: Dune

Biggest Inspiration: Our people

Favourite part of your job: Innovation and building new things.

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VP of pet foods

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Pet’s Name:  I have two border collies, Lux and Nova.

What do you feed your dogs?:  As we are constantly working on developing new formulas, Lux is the first taste tester of everything we make for dogs.  As a result, his diet is rotational, consisting of any of our new and old ProSeries, Corey North Paw and Inukshuk formulations.  Nova is just 4 months and will join Lux as a taste-tester once she is past the puppy phase.

Favourite Food: I’m a sucker for anything Mediterranean or Thai.

Favourite Hobby: Hiking and spending time with the pups!

Favourite Movie: Good Will Hunting

Biggest Inspiration: I admire my parents for their entrepreneurial leadership and having the guts to pursue their dream of founding Corey Nutrition 37 years ago. 

Favourite part of your job: I really enjoy meeting our customers and hearing how our foods have made a difference in the health of their pets (and of course, I love it when I get to meet their pets as well!)



Aquaculture Sales Representative

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Pet’s Name: I have a female Peacock Mantis Shrimp (Odontodactylus scyllarus) named Icarus.

What do you feed your fish?: I keep the tank stocked with live snails and crabs so she can hunt naturally but occasionally give her a piece of fish or shrimp.

Favourite Food: Homemade Mac and Cheese.

Favourite Hobby: Reef Keeping

Favourite Movie: Blue Planet II

Biggest Inspiration: My dad, Lee Corey and my brother, Mike.

Favourite part of your job: Visiting clients and chatting with them about how their aquaculture facility operates.