Prebiotics vs. Probiotics


Prebiotics are non-digestible food items that promote beneficial microorganism growth in the large intestine. These beneficial bacteria are important as they breakdown food sources that are non-digestible to your pet. This allows your pet to access nutrients that are otherwise locked up in these foods or produced by the bacteria, such as vitamins, improved digestion, and increased immune function. Prebiotics themselves are typically a plant fibre. Examples include: chicory root, apple, yucca schidigera, beans, peas, oats, barley, wheat and flaxseed.


A live bacteria or fungi that is consumed by the animal that adds to the beneficial microorganism load in the intestines. These are very beneficial if an animal has been sick and had to take an anti-biotic, which can drastically reduce the quantity of good bacteria alongside the bad. They can help restore and add to the pool of “good” bacteria and replace them if the supply is low. These are delicate cultures that can be destroyed by both heat and acidity. These are difficult to include in kibble due to the cooking and extrusion process. Examples of foods that include Probiotics are yoghurt and cheese, although supplemental forms can also be purchased.