Small Batches. More Checks. Better Food.

Kibble pour.jpg

Since 1991, Corey Pet Manufacturing has strived to make the best pet food possible. We have placed strict standards throughout our process to ensure every batch is crafted with pride for your pets.

Feeding fish built our innovations. We use a fine grind process that reduces all of our ingredients into a powder so that every piece is the same. This process also helps the food absorb more of the nutritious fats and oils added after cooking, ensuring the nutrients get to your pet and aren’t lost in the bag.

We cook our kibble in smaller batches than most other manufacturers. By doing this, we ensure more frequent quality checks. Our Quality Assurance team of highly skilled biologists have a number of tests for every batch of food. These tests include durability checks ensuring the pellets don’t break down before reaching the customer. They assure consistency in shape, size and colour across every batch we produce.

We call this our Attentive Process. We do all of this because we are proud of the food we make and we show that pride every step of the way.