What We Do For You

Corey began in 1982 by producing the most nutritious fish feed possible. Since these beginnings we have built upon this foundation to bring innovations into the pet food industry. Our goal is to give you the best food possible and we will be there with you from conception to delivery. 


We have on-site experts in pet nutrition that work with you to develop custom dog and cat formulations, specializing in premium and super premium dry food. From a variety of meat sources to picking the right blend for your needs, we make sure to give you the food you want.

Each product we make begins by grinding our ingredients into a fine powder. This allows us to ensure that the entire formula is contained in every pellet. We are able to make food in a variety of shapes and sizes using an extrusion method. Producing food in smaller batches lets us keep a better eye on the quality and safety throughout our entire process.

We are able to package your food in a variety of packaging types once we finish making it. And with our experience in global export and distribution, we make sure it gets to you in excellent condition.

Think of Corey Nutrition as your trusted partner in manufacturing excellence.