Dr. Dale Hill - PHD, PAS, ACAN, ARPAS


Dr. Hill has been a member of American Society of Animal Science for 30+ years, has been a member of American Registry of Professional Animal Scientists for 25 years and is currently a Director for the Midwest ARPAS Chapter.

He is a Charter Diplomat and Past-President of American College of Animal Sciences and has served as Secretary for the last 5 years. Dr. Hill is past-Chair of the AFIA Pet Food Committee and received the AFIA Member of the Year award in 2011. He is also a retired US Naval Reserve Officer.

Dr. Hill has been working in the companion animal area for the last 14 years and is currently with ADM Alliance Nutrition National Account Team providing technical support for ingredients used in the companion animal, aquaculture, specialty feed and animal applications for North America.

Dr. Hill has written the many of the species exams for veterinary nutritional education in North America, and certifies all Corey Nutrition Company pet food formulations for highest nutritional quality.