Here's What People Are Saying

At Inukshuk Professional Dog food, we designed our food to meet the unique feeding requirements of professional working dogs. We are proud that the Inukshuk community is more than happy to share their personal experiences with Inukshuk. These are just a few members of the Inukshuk community and their personal experiences with our product.



 “With Inukshuk we’re feeding about 75% of what we would normally feed with another food, especially with Inukshuk 32/32”

 - Jennifer White & Tony Ortega



“I like the ease of doing business. I just make a phone call to order a pallet and in a couple of days it’s here.”
- David Ischweiler

“After switching to Inukshuk I noticed a huge difference in the Performance and health of my dogs. 30/25 and 26/16 are my new lucky numbers.”
- James Akers


“As picky as I am, I’m always very proud to say we’re feeding Inukshuk.”

- Kevin Quist


“I was surprised our females maintained weight while nursing this summer”
- Jay Foucher

“There is so much good protein and fat in Inukshuk. It’s full of omega’s with all the chicken and fish.”
- Jennifer White


 “Great Quality and cost effectiveness. I’ve spent more on other dog foods but I haven’t been as impressed with the results as I have 32/32.”

 - Twila Baker


“The 32/32 mix is perfect for the high metabolism and drive of the American Pit bull terrier.”
- Ed Genther


“Very Few understand the nutritional requirements for working and sporting dogs like Inukshuk.”

- Jon Bunderson


“We immediately noticed a difference in the sheen of their coats”
- Jeremy Bedthora


 “Serious nutrition for serious dogs. He earns it every day, that’s why we feed Inukshuk.”

 - Chelsea Kampas


“Superior genetics, proven technique, hard work and premium nutrition. A time honored formula for success.”

- Wayne Simanovich


“His fur is so shiny and smooth, you see the difference in just one bag. I have fed many different kinds of dog food but Inukshuk is the winner by far!”

- Yvon Chaisson


“I continually get compliments from customers coming to my kennels on how amazing my dogs look.”
- David Rackliffe (Von Woden Kennels)