Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we get asked about Inukshuk Professional Dog Food. If your question isn't answered here, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Q – Can I feed Inukshuk like any other dog food?
A – Inukshuk is designed specifically for working and high energy dogs. Please always ensure you follow feeding guidelines as free feeding is not recommended.

Q – What is CoreyTec™?
A – CoreyTec is the unique process in which Inukshuk is made. We use fine grinding for increased digestibility. Vacuum Infusion to increase nutrient and energy density and lower overall carbohydrates. Finally we add natural vitamin E as a preservative with a 1 way freshness valve to ensure you always receive the freshest product possible.

Q – Where are all your ingredients sourced?
A – We source local whenever possible, for example our herring comes from wild Atlantic herring caught just a few hours from our plant. All ingredients are sources from Canada and the United States.

Q – You say you are the most nutrient dense / lowest carbohydrate food. How do you compare to other competitive dog foods.
A – Inukshuk is made with more meat based energy than any competitive products. Our 30/25 formula has approximately 20% more meat based energy and fewer carbs than the average premium dog good. Our Inukshuk 32/32 formula has 30-50% more meat based energy than the average premium dog food competitor.

Q – What if I want to use Inukshuk but I don’t need your high energy formulas?
A – We recommend you use our Inukshuk 26/16 formula.

Q – What is the difference between Chicken meal and Chicken by-product meal?
A – Chicken by-product meal is rendered product that can be made by any parts of the chicken, excluding feathers. So all organs and bones can be used in chicken by-product meal. Inukshuk only uses Chicken meal which is made solely from chicken meat and skin from human grade production plants.