Our Team

Corey Nutrition began with a biologist who wanted to feed fish better.

Our Team

Lee Corey grew up on a New Brunswick dairy farm knowing that good health depends on good nutrition. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science from the University of New Brunswick, continued post-graduate studies perched over the Pacific Ocean at the University of British Columbia, and returned to the East Coast to study aquaculture in the pretty, seaside fishing town of St. Andrews, NB.

As a fish biologist with the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources, Lee watched the local aquaculture industry thrive despite its struggle to source high-quality, nutrient-dense fish food. This frustrated Lee, who did not want to see low-quality feed and fish.

In 1982, Corey Nutrition was born.

Corey Nutrition continues today in its original home of Fredericton, New Brunswick, continues to be led by Lee Corey as President, and continues to be family-owned, with Lee’s wife Jane and four children Emily, Mike, David and Jack, working alongside endlessly innovating for better pet nutrition.

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